Why rely on Wootz?

We take ownership from design to delivery

Productization tool
Application based virtual catalogue, costing
Onboarding filter
Rigorous supplier vetting
Virtual support
Factory tours after sales support trouble shooting
Communication & fulfillment
Quality, certifications, warranty, support
Integrated offering, Minimal iterations
Real time status, SSOT
Black box
Sensors tracking equipment usage
Quality assurance
Vetted suppliers
Integrated warranty
Inspection & monitoring
Seamless experience
Single Point of contact
Product delivered CIF
High integrity customized packaging
Free Insurance
Service layer
Standardized experience
Quotations in 24 hours
12 hour TAT for queries
Air shipment - leading to better turnaround
Better prices
Priced on a global scale
Our expert team

Team of experts dedicated to providing businesses with the best possible procurement solutions.

Karan Anand
Co-Founder & CEO
Himanshu Uniyal
Co-Founder & COO
Suraj Jaiswal
Head of Supply
Sanjiv Rangrass
Tanmay Soni
Chief of Staff
Anuj Kumar
Manager, Supply Ops
Our philosophy

Engineering Solutions with Vision, Values, and Ingenuity

Wootz: A Legacy of Global Innovation and Connection.

Centuries ago, nestled within the heart of India, arose a distinct creation: Wootz, a high-carbon steel unparalleled in its strength and sharpness. More than just a regional marvel, this innovative material stood as a beacon of advanced metallurgy and engineering.

From ancient European artisans to the Arab world's master craftsmen, Wootz steel became a globally sought-after commodity, a testament to its superior quality. It symbolized the confluence of cultures, knowledge, and trade, making it an enduring testament to India's pivotal role in the annals of global engineering and commerce.

Today, 'wootz.work' draws inspiration from this legacy. Just as Wootz steel bridged ancient civilizations, we serve as your conduit to top-tier engineering goods, celebrating a tradition of excellence and global collaboration. Rooted in rich heritage and engineered for the future, we champion the finest of India and South East Asia engineering capabilities for the world.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Wootz.work differentiate from other procurement platforms?

Redefining the norms of conventional marketplaces, Wootz.work goes beyond just connecting buyers with sellers—it links them directly to products and solutions. With an understanding of basic parameters and buyers geography, industry and application, Wootz.work’s technology can instantly tailor products, contextualizing existing SME capabilities for the buyers unique requirements and provide quotations in 24 hours (a process that could normally take upto 4 weeks).

How quickly can I find a product or solution on Wootz.work?

Our platform is designed to match buyers with relevant products and solutions within a swift 24-hour timeframe.

What is "Best Value Sourcing"?

Best Value Sourcing prioritizes both quality and cost-effectiveness in procurement, ensuring that buyers receive superior products at competitive prices. It goes beyond just pricing to consider factors like efficiency, durability, after-sales support, and overall value.

How does Wootz.work ensure product quality and compliance?

We emphasize value engineering, ensuring that products are optimized for installation, shipping, and compliance to end-market serviceability standards. Furthermore, we consolidate warranties across various manufacturers.

Do you offer after-sales support?

Yes, Wootz.work is committed to providing round-the-clock after-sales support to all its customers.

How does Wootz.work handle delivery and shipping?

We guarantee a smooth and seamless delivery process, right to the customer's location, ensuring that products reach our clients safely and on time. We work with multiple fright forwarders and provide you the most efficient delivery options at cost.

What are 'virtual factory tours'?

We offer virtual factory tours allowing our clients to virtually explore and inspect the manufacturing facilities, ensuring transparency and building trust.

Can I track my order and fulfillment process?

Absolutely! Wootz.work provides comprehensive fulfillment dashboards that allow customers to track their orders from the point of procurement to delivery.